Charles Vo



I'm a Structural Engineer by trade but my love of photography have always kept me close to a camera. It was a casual affair up until the day I took my first concert photo and became hooked ever since.

Of all the different types of photography that I've tried, I would have to say concert photography is the most difficult. You find yourself in front of a band. You have thousands of fans behind you. Everyone moving to the groove. Which is bad considering the extreme low light condition you're facing but the notion of everyone standing still would ruin any chance of a good concert photo.  You risk having a crowdsurfer kick you in the head. You deal with lighting that is never bright enough, and changing so frequently  that you're screwed even when it is.

And nonetheless, concert photography remains my all-time favorite pastime. It's hard. It's unrewarding. It may be difficult for some to understand. But it is gratifying on a personal level. Especially when you look at what you've shot the night before, to discovered that you've managed a couple of good shots that captured the mood, looks, and what the artist and or audience was feeling. Aaahhhhh....

These pages features some of my work but it is the Music page that holds my blood, sweat and tears. So if you're a band manager or member and you like what you see, I would welcome the challenge and opportunity  to cover your band when you come to play in or near Montreal.